Hartmetall blank Kugel

Hartmetall blank Kugel through the tungsten carbide powder and a certain amount of cobalt as a binder mixed powder compacts and then conduct a series of processes such as sintering carbide products obtained. Carbide rough surface without fine grinding balls, usually used for polishing use, including a variety of abrasive powder products. Since the carbide material with a high hardness and wear resistance, and therefore, a longer rough ball carbide abrasive life, long-term use in the minimal amount of loss, and is suitable for most materials of grinding, both reached the high grinding efficiency, while more durable life, reflecting the high cost.

Chinatungsten Online can supply high quality Hartmetall blank Kugel:

- roundness, high precision, long life;

- good density, high hardness and good wear resistance;

- product tolerances.

Hartmetall blank Kugel

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