Tungsten Carbide Ball

Tungsten carbide ball is a unique category of balls because it is manufactured in a sintering process, whereupon the metal powder is formed under extreme heat and pressure. Tungsten carbide ball is extremely hard. The manufacturing technique makes tungsten carbide ball substantially more expensive than other materials, but practically inert. Their relative inertness makes them extremely resistant to interaction with various liquids and alloys. Tungsten carbide balls can be found in heavy machinery applications, since they are much stronger than stainless steel or chrome. Particularly, tungsten carbide ball has been used in industrial sprayers to regulate the flow of fertilizers or pesticides to crops.

Due to the strength of tungsten carbide, the balls are frequently used in the downhole tool industry for hardbanding. These are critical applications for the petroleum drilling industry.

Cobalt binder tungsten carbide is in many ways an ideal material for ball production. Its hardness and stiffness allows the production of extremely accurate balls, with very fine control of final size. The material is extremely stable and these properties make tungsten carbide ball the ideal choice for reference standards in metrology. Equally, the same properties make the balls and ideal choice for all applications where wear rates need to be low.

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