Non Magnetic Tungsten Carbide Ball

Non magnetic tungsten carbide ball, because of its hardness, flexural strength, impact toughness, corrosion resistance than other materials ball high, making it suitable for thermal recovery wells, sand wells. Non-magnetic carbide that are not magnetic or weakly magnetic carbide materials. As the production of magnetic materials mold requires non-magnetic material, in the past has been used non-magnetic, and its mold poor performance, low hardness, life is short, and after a period of time using the inner wall of the mold serious nap, deformation, etc., thereby affecting the magnetic dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the material. The use of non-magnetic carbide, with its excellent performance instead of non-magnetic steel can exponentially increase the work efficiency. Non-magnetic carbide is widely used, that has no magnetic properties but also has characteristics of high hardness carbide, other metal materials can not be replaced.

non-magnetic carbide purposes:

1. non-magnetic carbide commonly used in the production of standard parts of cold heading and cold, cold mold.

2. non-magnetic, non-magnetic carbide commonly used in the wear parts.

3. non-magnetic carbide commonly used in the magnetic field forming die.

4. non-magnetic carbide commonly used in the field of forming die punch.

Non Magnetic Tungsten Carbide Ball

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