Tungsten Carbide Polished Ball

Tungsten carbide polished ballhas extremely bright and smooth spherical surface finish can be achieved G25 grinding with high hardness and wear resistance and low friction coefficient, therefore, tungsten carbide ball can be used as wear-resistant tungsten carbide precision parts manufacturing applications on a variety of high-tech equipment and items such as pens industry, bearings, instruments, meters and other industries. tungsten carbide grinding balls are usually processed further refinements of the ball in the blank on the basis of the system, first by preparing a certain ratio of tungsten carbide powder and cobalt powder (or nickel powder) mixes with the ball machine squeeze pressure to generate blank tungsten carbide ball, eventually by lapping machines and other advanced equipment on the blank surface for the lapping process, thus derived tungsten carbide grinding balls. tungsten carbide grinding balls with high strength, high wear resistance, high-precision, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, widely used in the petroleum industry and other aspects of the valve seal ball.

Tungsten Carbide Polished Ball

A.F.B.M.A :

Grade Sphericity Basic Diameter Tolerance Maximum Surface Roughness
G3  0.000003" +/- .00003" 0.5
G5 0.000005" +/- .00005" 0.8
G10 0.000010" +/- .0001" 1.0
G25 0.000025" +/- .0001" 2.0
G50 0.000050" +/- .0002" 3.0
G100 0.0001" +/- .0005" 5.0
G200 0.0002" +/- .0010" 8.0

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