Tungsten Carbide Punching Ball

Tungsten carbide punching ball also known as tungsten carbide hole squeeze ball, with high hardness and high impact resistance of tungsten carbide material, is widely used in punching and polishing bearings, cast iron and stainless steel and other materials. In the process, the main punching a workpiece with a tungsten carbide ball to complete the table by finishing in Europe and America. Since the tungsten carbide ball high precision punching, high hardness and a small coefficient of friction, and therefore the surface during extrusion, to ensure high accuracy of the machining surface, and also to improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece surface, and the surface roughness hardness.

Mechanical processing machinery manufacturers in the hole often encountered when processing the aperture is not uniform, the surface is not smooth inner bore surface knife pattern and so on. Select tungsten carbide punching ball can solve this problem, carbide punching ball squeeze workpiece bore hole the size of the workpiece within a unified, smooth inner bore surface of the workpiece.

Tungsten Carbide Punching Ball

Chinatungsten Online can provide high-quality tungsten carbide punching ball:

1 high-density, low porosity;

2 with superior wear resistance and corrosion resistance, prolong life than ordinary tungsten ball several times;

3. high accuracy, good finish.

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