Tungsten Carbide Bearing Ball

The main ingredients of tungsten carbide bearing ball is tungsten-cobalt alloy (WC-CO), high hardness, good wear resistance, wear resistance is the ball a few times to a hundred times. carbide ball bearing extremely broad scope of application, such as: precision bearings, instruments, meters, pens, spraying machine, high short-circuit current automatic selector switches, pumps, machinery parts, sealing valve, brake pump, squeeze hole punch, oil, hydrochloride laboratories, hardness measuring instrument, fishing gear, weight, decoration, finishing, manual switch, drum controllers, cam controller, battery cars and other electrical contacts and other industries, which are resistant to abrasion, anti-welding, chemical good stability and long lifetime.

Tungsten carbide bearing ball manufacturing processes:

The first step is cold forming or thermoforming process. To a final diameter and the diameter of the metal ball of metal wire into almost head machine where the ball's surface leaving a circle of metal rings (called mold spills), the ball into another machine to remove mold spills. After this step, it is necessary for the thermal processing of the ball. This treatment will increase the hardness of the ball, but also to change its size. Next, the ball will go into the grinding process, using the same type of machine is still, only this time in the coolant added a abrasives. After the ball again from the groove through, the surface is polished smooth, and the size is compressed into the final dimensions. After that, on the ball to be polished. This process does not remove any material in the case, the surface of the balls became very smooth and shiny. The last step in the process is to check. Worker with a very precise tool balls are measured to determine whether it satisfies a predetermined working poor.

Tungsten Carbide Bearing Ball

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