Tungsten Carbide Ball for Pen

Tungsten carbide ball for pen,in the 1970s, started to develop our country, after small batch, always adopt a stainless steel ball pen with beads as the situation was broken. Carbide ball having a good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and reduce the production cost of the manufacturing process of continuous improvement, it is rapidly spread.

Tungsten carbide beads for pen, titanium, chromium multiple composite carbide solid solution. WC-Co carbide ball for oily pen, and corrosion resistant carbide beads used for water-based formulations, gel pen, it is currently written materials most used and most reliable materials, ball diameter size, determines the thickness of the line handwriting. WC-TiC-Cr3C2 composite carbide solid solution has high hardness, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, etc., and low price, than the amount of beads (spherical beads with the quality ratio of the composite powder produced) than WC -Co carbide ball is manufactured (WTiCr) C-Co (Ni) series of pen-based materials with the best carbide ball beads. Such composite materials successfully resolved during sintering beads micropores and unstable mass of black heart problems (presence of holes on a photomicrograph of the beads), the beads greatly improve production yield.

Tungsten Carbide Ball for Pen

WC-Co and (WTiCr) C-Co (Ni) series tungsten carbide beads for pen performance comparison:

carbide grade
Beads with alloy composition(%) Hardness Density Than the amount
of beads
WC TiC (WTiCr)C Co (HRA) (g/cm3) (%)
YG8 92 - - 8 89.0 14.76 100
YT15 79 15 - 6 91.0 11.415 129.2
92(№1#) - - 92(№1#) 8 92.0 7.571 194.9
92(№2#) - - 92(№2#) 8 92.0 6.551 225.2
92(№3#) - - 92(№3#) 8 92.0 5.94 248

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