Tungsten Carbide Measuring Ball

Precision tungsten carbide measuring ball is used to measure hardness indenter, in order to meet the relevant international standards set forth in order to replace the ordinary tungsten carbide ball indenter steel ball Brinell hardness measurement needs, to expand the Brinell hardness measurement range.

Common Dimensions: Φ2.5; Φ3; Φ5; Φ10;

roundness: ± Φ0.001 ~ 0.0035;

hardness (HV): ≥1600;

finish: ▽ 10 or more.

Tungsten Carbide Measuring Ball

Stable nature makes tungsten carbide ball carbide material ideal for measuring the reference standard. Because of its high strength with a tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide ball used in the production of wear-resistant downhole tool belt, and these are important applications of the oil drilling industry. Tungsten cobalt tungsten carbide is the best material for the production of carbide balls, tungsten carbide balls of such hardness and stiffness can be produced extremely accurate dimensions tungsten carbide ball.

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