Tungsten Carbide Ball Shapes

There are half or part balls, balls with through or blind holes and balls with internal threads, or flats. In many instances where a spherical or partially spherical surface is required, manufacture from all ball offers significant advantages in terms of accuracy or cost.

Tungsten Carbide Ball Shapes:

1. Distinctively Shaped Tungsten Carbide Ball

Flat, diagonally cut, cone and pin shaped balls that are typically used as hardened polishing and shaping tools. For example, the diagonally cut and pin shaped balls can be used to polish surfaces with sharp angles. Flat balls are typically used to polish uniformly shaped surfaces such as coins.

2. Drilled Tungsten Carbide Ball

Drilled balls range from sizes, hole depths (including thru-hole), diameters and materials. Typical applications include body jewelry, earring posts, rings, seat slides, valves, and auto motive engine push rods.

3. Coated Tungsten Carbide Ball

Coatings are used to enhance the physical properties of precision balls. These may include added hardness (titanium nitride), corrosion resistance (molybdenum disulfide), noise suppression (rubber), and electrical characteristics (gold plate).

4. Hollow Tungsten Carbide Ball

Hollow balls are typically used for weight sensitive applications such as aircraft ball transfer units, liquid float systems, and custom ball valves.

Drilled ball with through hole Drilled ball with through hole and counter bore Drilled ball with blind hole Drilled ball with hole in one end, out the side Drilled ball with hex hole

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