Monel Tungsten Carbide Ball

monel tungsten carbide ball


Monel tungsten carbide ball with high T.R.S., high corrosion, non-magnetic, are widely used in harsh geological sulfur and high wax layer mining areas.


This product has in hydrofluoric acid and fluorine gas medium, excellent corrosion resistance, to concentrated alkali also has excellent corrosion resistance, but also resistance to neutral solution, water, sea water, air, organic corrosion of the product an important feature is no stress corrosion cracking.


Commonly used in blowdown valves, check valves, grease and other working parts of the valve and in highly corrosive environments and good sealing performance. Monel carbide ball and stem mainly used for the shaft, conveyor scrapers, oil well drilling rings, elastic components, valve pad, etc., applicable to the petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, electronics department.


The smalles size of monel tungsten carbide blank ball is Ø2mm, the finisehd ball is Ø1mm. Size tolerancs of blank ball is ±0.2mm, the surface of finished ball is G25. But also accept customized.

American Standard Grinding Grades and Tolerance Standard

Grade Roundness Diameter Tolerances Maximum Surface Roughness
G3 0.000003" +/- .00003" 0.5
G5 0.000005" +/- .00005" 0.8
G10 0.000010" +/- .0001" 1.0
G25 0.000025" +/- .0001" 2.0
G50 0.000050" +/- .0002" 3.0
G100 0.0001" +/- .0005" 5.0
G200 0.0002" +/- .0010" 8.0

Conventional Content

The chemical composition of the alloy Monel K500 Monel 400 is substantially the same, the biggest difference is the A1 containing 2.3-3.15% and 0.30-1.00% of Ti, organizational characteristics of this alloy in addition to a dispersion of Ni3 (A1, Ti) precipitates precipitation, the other with the same alloy Monel 400. Elements (%) Ni:> 63; Cu: 27/33; Mn <1.5; Fe <2; Si <0.5; A1 2.3 / 3.15; Ti0.35 / 0.85. The alloy not plastic - brittle transition temperature, it is very suitable for the manufacture of various cryogenic equipment, welding can improve the strength of the alloy, but reduces ductility of the alloy. Therefore, in order to maintain a high plasticity, Monel K500 alloy welding to be performed after the heat treatment.

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