Tungsten Carbide Blank Ball

tungsten carbide blank ball


Tungsten carbide blank ball is a kind of tungsten carbide products under sinterred status, which with high density, long lifetime and high wear resistance. The surface o tungsten carbide blank ball have not polished, it is suitable for most materials of grinding, both reached the high grinding efficiency, while more durable life, reflecting the high cost.


High roundness, high accuracy, high compactness, high hardness, high wear resistance and long service life.

Specifications and Tolerances

The smallest size of tungsten blank ball is Ø2mm, the general size tolerances of blank ball is ±0.2mm. But the tolerances are also accept customize.

General Grade and Properties

Grade Composition(%) Physical Properties
TC Co Ni Density(g/cm³) Hardness(HRA) T.R.S.(N/mm²)
YG6 Balance 6  / 14.6-15.0 91 1600
YG8 Balance 8  / 14.4-14.8 89 1800
YG6X Balance 6  / 14.6-15.0 92 1450
YN6 Balance  / 6 14.5-14.9 90 1450
YN8 Balance  / 8 14.4-14.8 88 1650
YN12 Balance  / 12 14.0-14.4 86 1800

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